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At Consilience, we have created specialized models designed from the ground up to ensure unmatched accuracy in specific domains. Our models are not derived from broad internet data or generic bases but are tailored to decode complex language in fields like finance, analyzing regulatory filings, earnings calls, and corporate communications to uncover essential risk signals and trends. Our AI-driven solutions provide near real-time insights into vulnerabilities, enhancing risk management, and optimizing capital allocation.


In an era of rapid change, Consilience’s bespoke AI solutions boost transparency, efficiency, and resilience, equipping you to navigate uncertainty, capitalize on opportunities, and uncover insights not obvious to others. Our solutions not only increase productivity by 1.5-2x at a minimum, streamlining data analysis and reducing manual workload, but also accelerate decision-making processes, enabling quicker and more informed responses to emerging risks and opportunities.


Additionally, we offer the flexibility to customize our models to fit your specific use case, ensuring that you receive the most relevant and actionable insights tailored to your unique needs.


Choose Consilience for tailored insights powered by our unique, specialized models that drive productivity, uncover critical insights, and speed up your decision-making process.

The Intersection of Logic and Language for Finance, Science and Enterprise customers.


AlphaIQ merges AI engineering and investment expertise to reveal hidden insights in corporatecommunications. Our foundational finance language models, built from the ground up, decode complex financial language to uncover critical risk signals and trends missed by general models. By utilizing advanced analytics and AI, we generate actionable insights that transform decision-making in finance, increasing productivity by 1.5-2x at a minimum.

AlphaIQ redefines investment analysis with forward-looking models that enhance fundamental research and empower portfolio managers with nuanced insights to refine strategies. Additionally, our models can be customized to fit your specific use case, ensuring the most relevant and actionable insights tailored to your unique needs.

Choose AlphaIQ for unmatched accuracy, increased productivity, and customized relevance in finance.

Uncorrelated Alpha with AlphaIQ 


Uncover new trends, risks, and opportunities.


Turn Insights into data-driven decisions and actions to capture the value, not just see it.


Find causal relationships with inference and probabilistic graph models.


Build trust in your decisions by connecting to the source data, thought process, and conclusion.


Transform the way you work and the outcomes you product by understanding what the data says and what it means.

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