AlphaIQ merges AI engineering and investment expertise to reveal hidden insights in corporate communications. Our foundational finance language models, built from the ground up, decode complex financial language to uncover critical risk signals and trends missed by general models. By utilizing advanced analytics and AI, we generate actionable insights that transform decision-making in finance, significantly increasing productivity by 1.5-2x at a minimum. Additionally, our models can be customized to fit your specific use case, ensuring the most relevant and actionable insights tailored to your unique needs.

AlphaIQ redefines investment analysis with forward-looking models that enhance fundamental research and empower portfolio managers with nuanced insights to refine strategies.

Choose AlphaIQ for unmatched accuracy, increased productivity, and customized relevance in finance.

Bottoms up Finance Foundation Model 1.0: Our models are trained from the ground up for unparalleled accuracy and sector-specific insights, not merely fine-tuned.

No Hallucinations: We avoid noise-prone methods like RAG to ensure precise, contextually accurate information with robust audit trails for error correction and bias identification.

Current Markets: Coverage includes the complete Russell 3000 Index, with more indices on the way.

Your Thesis. Our Data. Your Process.

Unique Insights

Get an edge in the market by finding insights others don’t have. We quantify the words and themes hidden in corporate content, using consistently applied, time-tested linguistic techniques.

Access Fast

Get special information as early as possible. High-powered, custom AI models can give you an edge at finding market inefficiencies, before others find them, giving you a competitive advantage.

New Perspectives

Get new perspective on how a company’s particular risks stack against its peers. We understand what company leaders are really concerned with and we stack rank them, providing clear perspectives.

By enhancing trust and transparency, AlphaIQ addresses one of the critical challenges faced by investment professionals within the AI space – ensuring that every insight accounts for both sub-sector nuances and is backed by verifiable evidence that is clear, compliant, and traceable.


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AlphaIQ reveals hidden data relationships that shape the future.