Who We are

We are a team of scientists and engineers. We have led large teams in fundamental scientific research, consulted for the US military on complex logistics problems, and former quant analysts for a large wealth manager. Our training in design principles and intellectual rigor sets us apart from many available solutions.

In our previous work, we demonstrated that analyzing text quantitatively could identify emergent topics years ahead of their recognition. Our key insight is that essential information is often buried in a mass of undifferentiated data. By focusing on the right channels, we reduce the noise.

We applied this insight to financial markets. US companies file quarterly statements with the SEC, which are truthful but voluminous. This makes it challenging to discern emerging trends across companies, industries, and sectors. We have found and leveraged this information to give our clients an edge in the market.

The problem is “How do you know?”. That is the problem we solve.

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We are always looking for partners, investors, and collaborators to produce breakthrough results. We would like to hear from you. 

Why Consilience

Amid the noise and confusion, emerging trends and discoveries have the potential to radically change finance, science, and many other areas in the next decade. At Consilience, we believe in the power of identifying these discoveries early, allowing them to be tested, improved, discarded when proven wrong, and supported when proven right.

Why Choose Consilience?

  • Advanced Technology: Our language models are trained from the ground up, not just fine-tuned, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and sector-specific insights.
  • Unique Insight Generation: We employ proprietary indexing and company-level semantic analysis to deliver highly relevant insights, uncovering novel language concepts and relationships within company operations.
  • Precision and Clarity: By avoiding traditional noise-prone methodologies, we provide precise, contextually accurate information with robust audit trails, facilitating error correction and bias identification.
  • Competitive Advantage: Our continuous innovation and deep expertise create significant barriers for competitors, providing you with a clear market edge.
  • Value to Clients: We deliver highly accurate insights that enhance decision-making and build trust through transparency and accountability.

Choose Consilience to stay ahead of the curve, leveraging advanced technology and unique insights to navigate complexities of today’s world and capitalize on tomorrow’s opportunities.

Don’t Predict.


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