Scientific breakthroughs are the result of uncovering hidden relationships and pioneering new frontiers of knowledge.

[ 01 ]

Model & Identify

We start by modeling & identifying concepts from language, not anchored to legacy bibliometric analysis

No one can know everything. No one can read everything. But can you give somebody insight into something hidden? That’s a new kind of competitive advantage.

[ 02 ]

Trend & Evolution

We show how individual ideas are evolving – this captures emergent creation of new knowledge when concepts create relationships

[ 03 ]

Concept Prediction

We forecast where concepts & trends will be in the future on +1, +3, +5 year horizons – this enables an early view into previously unseen insights.

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Use Case: Proteomics

What if we could predict the future? We applied our best-in-class AI engine to proteomics publications and forecast the trends shaping the tomorrow’s knowledge.

Exploiting data and technology at scale

The Risk

is Not Knowing.

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